Cree International "French Roast" Coffee

Cree International "French Roast" Coffee

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Flag: France on Apple  Only the top Arabica beans are selected for Cree International French Roast. The beans mature more slowly, becoming denser, harder, and packed with flavor, allowing them to retain their boldness and complexity during the longer roasts and intense heat that creates the signature taste. Not for the cautious, this flavorful blend is crafted for those who embrace powerful taste, pronounced smoky overtones, and pleasant bite. The beans are shiny with an oil sheen and offer a bittersweet flavor with low acidity.

We use premium whole beans to create a full-bodied roast that will please even the most hardcore coffee drinkers, without turning bitter like many French Roasts do. The French Roast coffee beans strong flavor is paired with the rich undertones of raspberry and dark chocolate, and an exotic hint of the Mediterranean spice anise that makes this coffee blend sophisticated enough for any palate.

Sustainable dark roast coffee beans

Made with 100% Arabica coffee beans this dark roast whole bean coffee is kosher, and has "NO" additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients.