Cree International "Latin American Blend" Coffee

Cree International "Latin American Blend" Coffee

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  Costa Rica is rich in biodiversity and recognized for cultivating high-quality coffees that flourish on the fertile volcanic slopes. To balance the vibrant notes and accentuate the brightness Costa Rican coffees contribute, we blended in beans from Latin America, creating this distinctly elegant cup with a soft,lemony sweetness and smooth cocoa texture.

A medium-dark roast of select Latin American coffees perfectly blended for full flavor, offering nutty hints with mild fruity tones and a gentle cocoa aftertaste. Shade grown in the Central American rain forests and in volcanic soil near the Amazon rain forest, these blended coffees make a rich, delicious cup. Environmentally friendly washed processing and full sun dried for up to 7 days.

This pairing of Latin American coffees was cupped many times to reach a perfectly balanced and full bodied blend of Arabicas. The natural sweetness & low acidity of coffee from South America's premium growing range are complemented by and blended with the high altitude, shade grown beans of Central America to produce a sophisticated blend of origins. You will be treating yourself to a coffee with a very rich flavor contrasted by its clean taste. We also take extra time to carefully roast our coffees separately and then blend them together to achieve a perfect union of flavor and balance.

  • Medium-Dark Roast

  • Fresh Roasted Coffee

  • Central and South American Coffees, Shade Grown

  • Rich and Delicious Coffee