Cree International "100% Colombian" Coffee

Cree International "100% Colombian" Coffee

Cree International Nootropics
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Taste the mountainous regions of Colombia Flag: Colombia on Samsung

Cree International well balanced Colombian coffee features tasting notes that includes toffee, cocoa, dried apples and a fairly mild to heavy body depending on roast level selected. Grown in the Antioquia (northwest Colombia), and Caldas mountain regions at elevations between 3,800 and 4,400 feet. Coffee plants were first documented as being present in Colombia around 1730 but it is not known for sure how it ended up there or for how long.

Environmentally friendly washed processing, sun dried and hand selected. Perfectly roasted for the perfect coffee cup every time.

Available in:

Roasts: Light ,Medium or Dark

Grinds: Whole Bean, Auto- Drip, Percolator, Classic Drip, French Press, Espresso, and Turkish.